Dog and Cat Under Bedsheet

Pets add so much to our lives. The love they give is immeasurable, their devotion is unending, and the pet hair, well, it’s pretty much everywhere. It’s on your clothes, your furniture, your floor, and maybe even in your car! How can you efficiently remove pet hair from around your house without removing your beloved pets from your home?

  • Try an ounce of prevention first. Groom your pets regularly, brushing them every day with a de-shedding tool. Then, put blankets or covers on your furniture for easy pet hair removal.
  • Use a dryer sheet for picking up pet hair. They’re great at grabbing pet hair, especially when slightly dampened. You can use them on furniture, floors, and baseboards.
  • Tape works just as well as a lint roller. If you don’t happen to have a lint roller on hand, grab packing tape or duct tape to take the pet hair off of your clothes. The benefit of tape is that it doesn’t run out as quickly as a lint roller!
  • Dampen and sweep carpeting before vacuuming. A rubber broom is perfect for this, and you’ll be amazed at how much pet hair comes right out of the carpet in a ball that you can throw away. This helps keep all that hair from clogging your vacuum too; just make sure not to get your carpet too wet. You can also use a squeegee in the same way.
  • On your bare floors, use a mop. You can use a damp mop, an electrostatic mop like a Swiffer, or a microfiber dry mop. This is also a place where rubber brooms come in handy. All of these tools work better on a bare floor than a vacuum, which tends to scatter the fur and blow it around.
  • Vacuum in alternating directions. Consider investing in a pet vacuum with a HEPA filter, but whatever vacuum you use, go over areas twice, alternating directions to knock hair loose and pick up more of it.
  • Use a rubber glove on your furniture. Rubber gloves do a great job of grabbing pet hair, and so do damp sponges.
  • Try using a humidifier. Keeping the humidity at a good level in your house will keep your skin from getting too dry, and will keep pet hair from clinging to everything.

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