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Pickup & Delivery

You will see our delivery vans at homes, offices, hotels, restaurants and major area landmarks across Greater Orlando providing exceptionally convenient dry cleaning services. We are in each area twice per week. We’ll even text you the day before so you can let us know if you have anything to pickup.

Rest assured, if you have clean clothes for us to deliver, we will automatically deliver them back to you. Our incredibly friendly delivery sales specialists will return your professionally cleaned and ready to wear garments and household items. It‘s that easy.

It is our pleasure to offer the convenience of pickup and delivery services across Greater Orlando for a nominal convenience fee of $2.79 per delivery, no matter how many items are in your order.

To Arrange Pick-up & Delivery Service

New Clients: If you are a new client, and do not already have an account with us, please click here to learn how to place an order online.

Existing Clients: If you are already a First Class Cleaners or Hangers Cleaners client and have an account with us, click here to request a pick-up, ask a question, or leave a comment.

Special Care Instructions: You may have special requests for specific garments. Click here to complete this form and place it, along with the special garments, in a separate bag. Then place that bag inside your VIP bag. Our industry experts are ready to care for whatever you may have for us to handle!