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professional-dry-cleaning2Professional Dry Cleaning Services in Orlando

Ahead of your next big business meeting or event, you might want to ensure your suit, sport coat, or dress is clean and crisp. Bring your clothes to First Class Cleaners in Orlando, FL for all of your dry-cleaning needs. You do not want to walk into a client’s office with a stain on your cuff or stale aroma emanating from your blouse. Our team can ensure your garments meet professional standards and look great. We have been serving customers throughout Orlando, FL for over 20 years, and we now have 18 convenient locations. Our positive spirit and results-driven mentality have helped us become the leading dry cleaner in the region, and we are eager to share our expertise with you. Call us today to learn how we can help.


What Is Dry Cleaning?

Dry cleaning is a process that utilizes liquid chemicals called eco-friendlly solvents to remove stains and odors from your clothes. These solvents are specially designed to dissolve grease and oils that water and detergent cannot. We recommend dry cleaning for an array of garments made from natural fibers such as wool and silk. Attempting to wash these items in water may possibly  shrink, stain, or ruin them, but dry cleaning is safe and gentle. First Class Cleaners will use our proven process to ensure your clothes look and smell their best ahead of your next big occasion.


We Utilize a Proven, Green Earth Solvent

Dry cleaning is a bit of a misnomer. The process uses liquid solvents but no water. We have spent years perfecting our technique to ensure every customer is satisfied with the results. Our meticulous attention to detail is what our clients have grown to expect, so we follow a multi-step cleaning process for each piece of clothing we receive. Our dry cleaning method includes:

  • Careful garment inspection – Not only will we inspect for stains, but we will also ensure you did not leave anything in your pockets.
  • Machine dry cleaning – Our professionals will load your clothes into a large drum machine with liquid solvents. The machine will agitate your garments in a similar fashion to your washing machine at home. This removes dirt, oil, and stains.
  • Finishing – We complete the process by ensuring your clothes are ready to wear. This involves steaming, pressing, making repairs, and folding or hanging them.


The Types of Clothes that We Can Dry Clean

Typically, the garment care labels on your clothes will indicate whether you can wash them in a traditional machine or if they should be dry cleaned. Your cotton shirts and knits can go through a washer, but bring any of the following to First Class Cleaners:

  • Clothes made of wool, or silk
  • Embroidered clothes
  • Formal clothes
  • Vintage clothes


Benefits of Dry Cleaning Your Garments

Dry cleaning is a safe, effective way to clean your clothes without the risk of distorting them. We know your wardrobe is special and important to you, so we want to ensure you can wear your clothes for years to come. Among the benefits of dry cleaning are:

  • Gentleness – The dry cleaning process is much gentler than machine washing, and the products we use are less gentler than conventional detergents.
  • Capacity to handle large items – We do not just dry clean clothes. We can professionally clean comforters, upholstery, and more.


Why You Should Choose First Class Cleaners

First Class Cleaners has become a staple in Orlando, FL. We have 18 convenient locations in the region, so we are never far from you. Our team will even bring your clean clothes to you if you are in a pinch. We use state-of-the-art equipment and the latest dry cleaning technology to ensure we deliver on our promise of fresh, clean clothes every time. We offer dry cleaning services five days a week, so you never have to worry about being surprised by a last-minute event. Furthermore, we offer a host of other services to ensure we are your one-stop-shop.


Call Orlando Cleaners for Dry Cleaning Services Today

We know clean clothes are essential when you are entertaining a client, making a good impression on a first date, or hosting a holiday gathering. Let the professionals at First Class Cleaners be your go-to dry cleaning specialist in Orlando, FL. Contact us today to get started.