We all want our clothes to be as clean as they can be. We spend lots of money on appliances and detergent. And we spend a lot of our time cleaning our clothes. But how do we know if our efforts are effective? Here are a few signs that you aren’t cleaning your clothes enough, plus a few DIY laundry tips.

Bad Smells

When clothes aren’t cleaned well enough or often enough they may develop unpleasant odors, or just not smell fresh. Some of this may be caused by body odor that isn’t sufficiently washed away. Other smells can be acquired when dirty clothes sit together in a laundry hamper too long. This may be more than an unpleasant smell. It could indicate germs, mildew or mold in your clothing. Make sure to use the recommended water temperatures, and the proper amount of detergent and water.

Rashes or Other Skin Problems

If you or a family member has been getting rashes or other skin ailments lately, there’s a chance it’s due to clothes or bed sheets being insufficiently cleaned. Oils and other contaminants can linger in fabric and irritate skin. Try doing laundry more often, perhaps at a higher temperature or with a bit more detergent. Also, Don’t let wet laundry sit in the washer too long, as this can grow mold or mildew that can cause rashes or other skin issues.

Your Washer or Dryer Interior Seems Dirty

Every day or two, inspect the inside of your washer and dryer. If the interior is dirty, clean it out, and reevaluate your laundry process.

Lingering Stains and Discolorations

Everyone has to deal with a stain or two, every now and then. But if you keep seeing discoloration issues such as “ring around the collar,” or everyday minor stains don’t wash away, this indicates a problem with your cleaning process. If a stain stays on too long it can become permanent. As soon as you see a stain, treat it with a stain removal product. You can also use your laundry detergent, or even a clear dish liquid. You also may need to clean your clothes more often, or use a higher quality detergent. To remove pesky stains without endangering delicate fabrics, have your laundry professionally cleaned by a laundry service.

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