When you’re decorating your home, it can be frustrating to have a tight decorating budget. Looking at interior design styles, you may daydream about hiring a designer and buying all the high-end pieces that will make your space exactly the way you want it. Fortunately, interior design doesn’t have to be expensive. Just follow a few simple tips for home décor on a budget.

  • Start with the right paint. Whatever color palette fits your style self-priming paint can save money on primer. The exception to this rule is if you’re painting a light color over dark walls, in which case a good primer can save you from having to apply extra coats of paint. If you fall in love with a designer paint color, consider choosing a high-quality but less expensive brand in a similar color when it’s time to purchase.
  • Add pillows for style and comfort. Pillows add a cozy feeling to a room and, when chosen correctly, can add an elegant touch to a room. They’re also a great way to refresh your décor without changing your furniture.
  • Window treatments can offer budget-friendly elegance. A wide variety of drapery options are available off the rack, so you don’t need to splurge on custom-made to find quality. Choose lined options over unlined, natural materials over manmade, and if curtains are not for you, consider bamboo or wooden blinds. Just don’t leave your windows undressed, or your design may seem unfinished.
  • Choose good lighting. When you’re looking for interior design ideas, consider spending the day browsing flea markets and thrift stores. Inspiration may strike, and you might find the perfect light fixture for your space. You may have to buff or paint your find, but it will probably be much more interesting than something you buy at a big box retailer.
  • Affordable furniture doesn’t have to be cheap. This is another area in which secondhand may be the way to go. By browsing secondhand stores and estate sales, you may be able to find high-quality pieces that leave room in the budget for reupholstery if necessary.
  • Pay attention to all the little details. Watch any design program and you’ll see: the details can make all the difference. Crown molding, unique hardware, and eye-catching accessories can add interest to a space without breaking the bank.
  • Keep it clean. In modern interior design, uncluttered surfaces are the way to go. By keeping up with your housekeeping, you’ll automatically make your house look more elegant and pulled together.

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