How much thought do you put into the way you store your clothes? For everyday storage, it’s pretty straightforward. Use good quality hangers and fold heavy sweaters to keep them from losing their shape. But what about when you need to store your clothing long-term? Even if it’s just packing away seasonal clothing, it’s important to know the right way to do it.

  • Start by paring down your wardrobe. Most people in the United States don’t wear about 80 percent of their clothes. Imagine the space you’d have if you let go of the things that you don’t use! Discard worn items, donate or sell usable things you just don’t need. Once you’ve determined what you’re keeping, create a detailed inventory list of everything that’s going into storage.
  • Before you store, clean and sort. Take your most delicate items to the dry cleaner. Take everything else to the laundry room or laundromat or send it off with a laundry service. Before they’re packed away, garments need to be free from dirt and oils that can ruin them while they’re sitting in storage.
  • Group like items together. You know how to separate laundry by dividing it into lights and darks, but do you know how to sort your clothes? Group your garments by season and activity, so you can easily retrieve the things you need.
  • Choose where they’ll go. Storing clothing isn’t quite as simple as tossing clean clothes into a laundry bag and sticking them somewhere. Choosing the right container and location is key to keeping your clothes in good shape. Store them somewhere cool, dark, and not prone to temperature fluctuations, but what are the pros and cons of different containers?
    • Cardboard boxes, including wardrobe boxes, are fine for the short term but aren’t very protective.
    • Plastic bags are cheap and easy to transport but trap moisture, making them unsuitable for storage.  Trapped moisture can cause oxidation spots on your clothing and linens over time.
    • Vacuum bags are great for saving space if you only need them for a short time, but when you compact your clothes long-term it will damage them.
    • Garment bags get mixed reviews. As long as they’re cotton and not plastic, these are good for storing suits and dresses.  Cloth, air-permeable garment bags are the best in humid climates.  Shoulder protectors help keep fabric deteriorating dust off of clothing worn only occasionally.
    • Plastic storage boxes are great for keeping out pests, humidity, dust, and water, but can get expensive and may break if overpacked.  Place desiccators inside boxes to absorb excess moisture.

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