Campfires are a traditional and fun part of many camping trips, but they can leave behind an unpleasant smell in your clothes. If you want to get rid of this campfire smell, there are a few different tips and tricks that you can try.

Wash Your Clothes as Soon as You Can

It’s important to wash any dirty clothes as soon as possible after returning from camping, since this will help to prevent the smell from setting in too deeply. Use odor-neutralizing products to get rid of that smoky campfire smell once and for all!

Soak Your Clothes in Vinegar

The acidity of vinegar can help to break down the molecules that cause the smoky smell. Simply add a cup or two of vinegar to a sink or tub of cold water and let your clothes soak for an hour or two.

Use Essential Oils in Your Soak

Another option is to pour some water into a pot on the stove, and then add in some fresh citrus peels or lavender essential oil. Let this mixture simmer for several hours, then let your clothes soak in it to remove any lingering smells from your clothes.

Wash Your Clothes with Baking Soda

Baking soda is another ingredient that can help to neutralize the smoky smell. Simply add a cup or two of baking soda to your washing machine and wash your clothes as usual.

Use Laundry Detergent with Built-in Odor-Fighting Enzymes

Special, odor-fighting detergents employ enzymes to break down the molecules that cause funky smells, making it easier to get rid of campfire odors. Look for an enzyme-based detergent when you’re doing your next load of laundry.

Run an Extra Rinse Cycle After Washing Your Clothes

Sometimes it can be helpful to put your clothes through another round of soap and water. This step can help remove any lingering smells before you dry them in the dryer or hang them out to air dry.

Use a Fabric Freshener Once Your Clothes Are Dry

There are several different fabric fresheners available, from sprays to dryer sheets, and these can help to get rid of any lingering campfire smells. Just be sure to follow the instructions carefully and use in a well-ventilated area.

Purchase a Product Designed to Remove Smoke Odor

Smoke odor can be a persistent problem, especially when it comes to clothing. This is because most smoke particles are quite tiny and can become deeply embedded in the fabric of clothes, leaving behind an unpleasant smell that can be difficult to get rid of.

Fortunately, there are several products designed specifically to remove smoke odors from clothes. These include special deodorizing sprays, detergents, and even machines that you can use at home or in the laundry room.

One popular choice is Febreze In-Wash Odor Eliminator, which uses activated charcoal technology to eliminate smoke smells from fabrics. Another possibility is Woolite Advanced Stain & Odor Remover, which contains a powerful blend of enzymes and oxygen boosters that can remove tough smoke odors from clothing.

Seek Professional Laundry Services

Professional laundry services use a variety of techniques to eradicate smoke odors from clothing and other fabrics. One method involves using specially-formulated detergents and bleaches that break down the molecular bonds that cause smoke particles to stick to fabric fibers. This effectively removes odor-causing compounds from clothes, leaving them fresh and clean.

In addition to cleaning products, professional laundries may also employ ozone treatments or ultra-violet light technologies to help get rid of smoke odors. These methods work by breaking down the chemical compounds that give off smoky smells, either by oxidizing the molecules or by desorbing them, respectively.

If you’re dealing with smoky clothing after a camping trip, don’t despair! With these tips, you should be able to get rid of those pesky campfire smells and enjoy wearing your favorite outdoor gear again!

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