Holiday Décor

Isn’t the holiday season amazing? It’s so much fun to trim the tree and festoon all the surfaces in your home with festive décor! Putting all those bits and baubles away, though, is not as entertaining. In fact, the task can seem overwhelming as you decide what to do with it all. Here, we offer some helpful tips.

  • Begin with a purge. Every year, ornaments get broken, bulbs burn out, and decorations start looking ratty. Don’t get too sentimental about all of these things! Toss out whatever won’t bring you joy next year when it’s time to decorate. If there are things that are still charming but no longer charm you, go ahead and donate them.
  • Sort things in a way that makes sense to you. You’re the one who’ll have to pull everything out of storage next holiday season, so make sure things are categorized and labeled in a way that will help you quickly find what you want. If you want to sort everything by color, that’s fine, as is sorting it by year or theme.
  • Invest in storage or DIY. There are partitioned ornament boxes, long, flat wrapping paper containers, cord and light windups, and boxes for artificial trees, and they’re all perfect for storing holiday décor because that’s their intended use. However, there are also plenty of hacks to help you get around purchasing more stuff. Store your delicate ornaments in egg crates, wrap ornaments in coffee filters or tissue paper, or sort them into plastic zipper bags and store those bags in a tote. Wrap your light cords around an empty paper towel roll, a piece of cardboard or a tension rod. If you’ve got room, hang your wreaths on a hook, but if not, pack them in garbage bags. Wrapping paper can be stored in a garment bag and hung in the back of a closet. Artificial trees? Well, it is smart to buy them a specialty container.
  • Do something fun with all those cards. Sort through your holiday cards, keeping only the ones that are particularly meaningful to you. Then put those cards in a binder, so that you can flip through and appreciate them any time you want. You can also store cards that are pretty but not personal with your wrapping paper, to cut up next year for gift tags.

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