Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do I need to sort my white, colored, and delicate laundry items?

A: No, we will separate everything for you.

Q: Do I need to give you specific instructions each time?

A: No, once, you tell us your garment care preferences, and you will receive your garments back the same way, every time. With customized care to meet individual needs, we can customize your preferences on each and every individual garment.

Q: Will my clothes shrink?

A: No, we use cleaning agents that allow us to use lower water temperatures which eliminates the typical complaints of shrinkage around the collar and cuffs and produces whites that are unsurpassed.

Q: Do you offer repairs?

A: Yes, Our tailors and seamstresses offer a complete range of professional alteration and repair services including; shortening hems, replacing zippers, adjusting waists, relining garments and adjust practically anything.

Q: Can you preserve gowns and other heirloom items for many years?

A: Yes, we offer archival-quality acid-free boxes, acid-free tissue and cotton muslin liner; which enable textiles to remain beautiful for over 200 years!