As consumers are becoming more environmentally and socially conscious, many clothing brands are beginning to follow suit. This is important, because for many people, buying eco-friendly and ethically made clothing is a high priority. How can you find brands that rise to the challenge of making clothes that fit your moral code as well as your body? We’ve got a list.

  • Brother Vellies is a luxury footwear label that showcases collections from all over the world.  Focused on reducing its impact on the planet, the company sources vegetable-tanned leathers, soling from recycled tires, hand-carved wood, floral-dyed feathers, and other by-product materials from farmers around the globe.
  • Mother of Pearl is a label that creates contemporary, wearable pieces. The company strives to uses organic, natural fabrics, and is open about there the pieces are produced and the wages of the garment workers.
  • Ninety Percent makes relaxed daywear and works with a unique business model. Ninety percent of the company’s distributed profits go to charitable causes and the workers who make their collections happen.
  • House of Sunny produces only two collections each year. This practice allows the company’s design team to spend time researching and sourcing sustainable manufacturing methods and materials. The label chooses not to use fur, leather, skins, or silk, and only uses wool from producers that have good animal husbandry.
  • Stella McCartney is the best known designer on this list, and with good reason. A pioneer of ethical design, this daughter of Paul McCartney never uses leather or fur in any of her designs. She’s a vegetarian, and a Patron of the Vegetarian Society. Her uncompromising vegetarian standards stem from her belief that it’s wrong to eat animals because of its impact on the environment, as well as ethical, spiritual, and health implications. She’s a supporter of many charitable causes, not just those focused on supporting animal rights but also fighting disease and poverty, promoting fair trade, and honoring veterans.

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