Casual Wear

Low Cost Alternative

Casual Wear by Orlando Cleaners

You now have a choice when it comes to paying to have your clothes cleaned and pressed based on how you wear your clothes and how you want to look.

Our exclusive Casual Wear Service is your low cost alternative to cleaning and pressing your own clothes or paying for conventional cleaning services.

Times have changed. The relaxed look is in. More and more people are working from home. Businesses have relaxed their dress codes. Many of today’s fashions do not require professional finishing. One thing that hasn’t changed is the hassle of doing your own laundry.

When out of the dryer is not good enough and paying the cost of hand finishing isn’t desired, you now have a choice. Our exclusive Casual Wear Service is targeted specifically for your everyday work attire, casual weekend or athletic wear and comfy clothes. Your garments will be laundered or dry cleaned, sanitized and disinfected, then undergo a steam finishing process that smoothes out most winkles leaving a relaxed look and feel… at a substantial savings from traditional cleaning services.

Casual Wear at a relaxed price.

Why did Orlando Cleaners create their exclusive Casual Wear Service?

Our Casual Wear Service is designed to give you the “option” to save money based on choosing how you want your garments to look and feel.

What is Casual Wear Service?

Casual Wear Service is low cost alternative to washing, drying and pressing your everyday clothes at home.

How is Casual Wear different from Traditional Hand Finished Service?

With Casual Wear Service, there is no pre or post inspection of garments. Minor sewing repairs need to be pointed out at the counter when dropping off your garments. Charges for requested repairs will be in addition to the regular Casual Wear Service charge.

After cleaning, Casual Wear garments undergo our exclusive Steam Tunnel Treatment that smoothes out most of the wrinkles leaving a presentable, relaxed appearance.

What types of garments are best suited for our Casual Wear Service?

Our cleaning and finishing processes are generally safe for all types of garments.

You decide on which garments you would like to have processed using our Casual Wear Service. Casual Wear garments will have a soft relaxed feel and look. Our Traditional Hand Finished Service is for garments that require special attention to seams, creases, pleats and linings.

What types of garments are not recommended for Casual Wear Service?

This service is not for every garment. Couture “Designer” garments that require special handling should be processed using our Traditional Hand Finished Service.  Laundered Dress Shirts require a different cleaning and finishing method and should be processed using our Traditional Hand Finished Service.

What if I have garments that require special cleaning?

Any garments requiring special care should be sent in a separate bag from Casual Wear Service to be processed using our Traditional Hand Finished Service.

What if I have garments that require sewing?

Minor sewing repairs need to be pointed out at the counter when dropping off your garments. Charges for requested repairs will be in addition to the regular Casual Wear Service charge.

Will my garments be pretreated?

Casual Wear Service garment stains will not be pretreated.

How much do you charge for Casual Wear Service?

You have 2 options.

  1. Pay $4.75 per garment.
  2. Casual Wear Club is the best deal for a one price monthly or annual charge.

Our orange Casual Wear Service bags are provided at no charge.

Is there a contract for Casual Wear Club?

No, there is no contract for Casual Wear Club membership.

How do I sign up for the Casual Wear Club?

  • For retail store service- Please visit one of our 18 retail locations in the greater Orlando area. See for a location nearest you and our hours of operation.
  • For FREE pickup & delivery service-

Call 407-447-9150. Within one business day, we’ll contact you to schedule your laundry pick-up and let you know if you’re within our service area.

How do I cancel my membership to the Casual Wear Club?

You can cancel 2 days before your renewal date. Your store representative will assist you with this process.

How do I get a refund?

Sorry, but no refunds will be issued for partially used Casual Wear Service memberships.

Can I combine my Casual Wear Club membership with other discounts?

You may have both a subscription to our Laundry Service as well as being a member of the Casual Wear Club.

Will my garments be counted and inspected prior to cleaning?

Casual Wear Service garments will be uniquely identified and individually listed on your invoice. Garments will not be inspected for damage or stains.

What is the turn around time?

In store customers- Standard turnaround for Casual Wear Service is 2 days.

Route customers- Casual Wear Service customers, if in our service area, will have regularly scheduled days Monday-Thursday and Tuesday-Friday. There is no next day service for route at this time. If you need next day service please visit one of out retail locations.

How are my garments cleaned?

Casual Wear garments can be either laundered or dry cleaned.  Dry Clean garments are cleaned using GreenEarth® solvent. Laundered garments are cleaned using hypoallergenic antibacterial soaps and softeners formulated to protect colors.

Are my garments SANITIZED?

Our Advanced Laundry System sanitizes and disinfects using thermal deactivation and EPA approved Endex- 99 that KILLS 99.9% of COVID 19 & OTHER BACTERIA & VIRUSES!

How are my garments dried?

Laundered garments are dried loose in temperature controlled dryers to avoid overheating and minimize shrinkage.

How are my cleaned garments returned?

Casual Wear garments are returned on hangers, packaged in poly. Green bag customer orders will be packaged in our eco friendly reusable bag and have the poly, garments covers and rubber bands removed. There will be a minimal additional charge for Green Bag Service.

How will you know when my garments are ready?

We provide Order Ready Notifications via the email address you have placed on file for store pickup orders.  We will take care of delivering ready orders for home pickup and delivery customers on the regular schedule.