2020 has been a unique year, to say the least. Now that Halloween is approaching, many parents are wondering what to do with their kids for the holiday? Even though the CDC is recommending against trick-or-treating this year, there are still some great options to have fun on Halloween.

Alternatives to Trick-or-Treating to have Fun on Halloween this Year
African American single mother decorating pumpkins with her small son on Halloween. Focus is on boy.
  • Organize your neighborhood. So, you can’t have a big block party or trick-or-treat in a big group this year. So what? There are plenty of fun things to do with your neighbors. Set up some socially distant trick or treating, with goody bags of treats set out on tables in front of the houses. Another creative contactless trick-or-treat idea is to create a candy “graveyard” by setting headstones out in your yard with a bowl of candy by each one. Kids can wander around and take whichever treats they want. You can also have a socially distant costume parade, or create a 6-foot (or longer) candy chute to send the treats safely flying out to passing kids.
  • Get crafty. Halloween crafts go far beyond the basic jack-o-lantern carving. You can paint pumpkins, make Halloween cards to send to distant loved ones, make little ghosts out of blow pops and tissue paper, create orange and black garlands, make masks or lanterns- the possibilities are nearly limitless!
  • Have a family party. Play games, tell ghost stories, or have a family movie night. Make some fun Halloween treats just to enjoy with your family. Or take a walk around your neighborhood as a family, looking at the lights and decorations. Before you go, create a scavenger hunt list for the kids of things to look for in the neighbor’s displays, and award a prize to the person who finds the most things on the list.
  • Party with your quaran-team. If you have a small group of friends you’re comfortable entertaining, why not host an outdoor Halloween bash? You could build a bonfire, watch a movie outdoors, or create a mini pumpkin hunt, decorating little pumpkins and hiding them around the back yard for guests to find.
  • Don’t skip the costumes! Just because you’re not going to be out in a crowd, that’s no reason to let your costuming creativity go to waste. Host a virtual costume party with friends, or just dress up and hang out in character all night. For extra fun, dress the pets!

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