clothing and dry cleaning tipsStore clean Garments
That dress you just wore to a wedding probably looks clean, but don’t shove it the back of your closet until your next black-tie affair. Perspiration and body oil can attract moths and other insects. Plus, over time, stains that are invisible to the naked eye can oxidize and turn brown.

Never store your clothes in the dry cleaner’s bags
We send your clothes home in a plastic bag to ensure everything stays clean and dry in transit. But make sure you get rid of the bag before hanging your clothes in your closet. Moisture can get trapped inside and cause damage to your clothing.

Always clean both pieces of a suit at the same time
Sure, your suit pants get a whole lot more use than your suit jacket – but don’t skip out on getting them both dry cleaned together each time. If you repeatedly send in slacks without the jacket, over time, the shades may age differently.

Beauty products are not good for you clothing
Don’t get dressed until you’re ready to go out the door. Antiperspirants, deodorants, hair products, lotions, perfume and teeth whiteners are “disastrous” on fabric. Depending on the product, it may contain alcohol, acid or bleaching agents. If you accidentally spray or spill toiletries, head to the dry cleaner as quickly as possible.

Be honest about stains
We will treat a spot with any number of solutions depending on what was spilled. We have a better chance of removing a stain if you’re honest about what caused it.

Leave the spot-treatments and stain removal to us
Regardless of what you’ve spilled, commercial treatments, water, hairspray or soap will not help get the stain out. Club soda works on your stomach, not your blouse.