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What Sets Us Apart From the Rest

Water Filtration

First Class Cleaners uses continuous filtration and distillation processed to achieve a fresh and clear cleaning solution. When solutions are not filtered properly, it becomes infected with bacteria growth and residual dyes. This results in dingy colors and clothing that smells of solvent. Purity is extremely important to us. Therefore our solutions are checked quarterly by and independent laboratory.

Stain Removal

When it comes to removing stains, our Spot Doctor Team is the best! We use the latest and most advanced cleaning procedures to return your garments to looking like new again. Our highly experienced professionals use a variety of delicate dry cleaning, hand washing and wet cleaning techniques to protect and refresh your valuable garments.

Garment Finishing

At First Class Cleaners, providing superior cleaning of your garments is just half the job. Each garment then receives our extensive finishing process. Our precision finishing requires hand-pressing craftsmanship on each and every garment. Even neckties are blocked to maintain their shape and assure no impressions.

Personal Care

At First Class Cleaners, impeccable service and a meticulous attention to detail is what our customers have come to expect. This is a result of numerous checkpoints and inspection carried out throughout the cleaning process. Our expert staff personally inspects your garments to make sure we are following all of your specific instructions and preferences and to ensure every garment leaves our store looking impeccable.

Industry Experts

  • We offer pick up and delivery services at homes and businesses.
  • We offer same day service five days a week.
  • We offer one-stop convenience for garment care, tailoring, and shoe repair services.

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